Problem With Brake Job On a Club Car


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I have a 1988 Club Car that I'm that I'm doing a brake job on and having a problem. All new brake shoes, brake drums and cables. I'm having a problem on the drivers side with the device at the bottom that the cable hooks to. It will not return, you can get it to move back by pushing it, but once you step on the brake pedal it sticks in the forward position. The other thing thats just not right is the bottom spring will not tighten. The spring stays loose no matter what i try. If one side works, I must have the right parts? I greased it, i tried to tighten the cables with wire ties just to try somthing. Could the bottom thing be missing a part? Tightening the nut ''not the ajustment'' but the nut does that have anything to do with it? :dazed: