Premium Golf Cart Light Kit


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Premium Golf Cart Light Kit (tested on a Club Car)

BU # LHTCC11001

Stats- Factory look front cowl head lights and rear lights. Can be bought in a set or front or rear.

Review- I installed the front lights a few weeks ago. It took about a hour to do and that included me having to modify my fender flares. They are not very adjustable lights and aim alittle high for me. When on a nice flat straight away I can see very far off into the distance because these are some nice bright lights. I found some Zenon (True white) bulbs i'll be adding to give them the extra little look to them. I would only recommend these at some high beam lights.

Cost-$99.99(kit) $84.99 (front) $27.99 (rear)

Rating 6/10


Being I stumbled upon this topic, I might as well add my .02

I also have the Premium headlight kit. The light, as mentioned, goes too high. The problem is that the light is a Flood model, i.e. it throws a huge beam pattern. It runs about 50% above and below horizontal, so light on the ground is noticeably lacking over the stock CC headlights. I wound up replacing them with Pilot Driving Lights, basically a re-lensed GTO assembly that keeps the light mostly under the horizontal plane in a blade type projection. Much better than the stock assemblies. Still, though, the lights are more functional as a high beam than a low beam. I use Pilot Round Driving lights for low beam situations.

The 2 bright spots on the ground in the middle of the driveway are the Low beams, a big boost to the in-cowl lights.


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I have the factory club car head and taillights with turn signal installed in my 2004 CC IQ with a Mercedes 450sl body. I made aluminum panels in which to mount the lights onto and then the panels onto the body. I adjust the headlights by turning the mounting screws. This is rather basic, but is the way autos adjusted for years. That being said, I use the cart a lot at night, but on paved paths, not trails and the lights work just fine. I added the BU brake pedal switch and the turn signals. They all work great. Power is from a 48 to 12 converter, also from BU. It was somewhat time consuming to wire all, but once done works great. I would imagine that running a cart in the woods would require better lights.