precedent 2006


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I'm installing Stretch Plastics Precedent light kit
Does anyone worked with it?Need help getting
tail lights connection and 8 wire turn signal kit
installation .I just could turn headlight on .Thanks!


I'd have to see the wiring diagram to tell which kit you have. Can you post a picture of the diagram you got with the kit?


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Here are the light kit and turn signal instruction details .
Also wich cable color on precedent goes with the tail light
it has white/red/black and on cart brown/yellow /black and white

Thanks for the response!


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How to combine the cart harness with the tail lights:

Left harness has White/Brown/Black with 2 White stripes
Right harness has Yellow/Tan/Black with 1 White stripe

with what color on the light i combine it Red/White /Black?

And last the signal kit has an orange for the left rear and the brown
for the right rear tail . Do i have to run wires or splice to what color on the
tail harness or tail light ?
I really appreciate your pacience and help ,Im new on this!


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Im in the need of help please i have almost everything
spliced but not idea on how to combine the back of the cart
Thanks for any help!


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the turn signal switch is an interupter so to speak, the power to the tail lights will run from the TS switch, when you activat the turn signal, say the left one, it redirects the current for the left light through the flasher, the flasher is a bi-metalic switch that breaks current or the circuit when it heats up then reconnects when it cools hens the flashing signal light.
You need to find the power wire that's hot(has power) when the key is on for your tail lights and hook it to the red wire on your TS switch, the other 12 volt lead on your schematic is to power the flasher when the TS lever is moved to signal a turn, then hook the orange and brown wire to thier corosponding tail lights, should fix ya up.

You should get a factory wiring diagram for your cart, it will help to locate a good 12V source, be sure it's "12" volts, voltage reducers are cheaper than wiring harnesses and electronics