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Im changing the ends of my powerwise II charger so it will charge my 36volt Club Car. I put the (crows foot) end on the powerwise....problem is the wires coming from the charger have 3 wires....im assumng one hot (white), one ground (black), and the red wire is the reed switch wire. The CC crows foot only has 2 wires....one hot white), one ground (black). How do I bypass the red wire (reed switch) inside the charger. Ive done it on a Powerwise, but not a PowerwiseII. I know its got to be possible....any ideas?


The extra wire must be connected to the pack negative (black DC wire inside the charger).

If you unplug the DC cord from the cart while the charger is running with the wire bypassed the charger may stay running unless it already shut itself off. So make sure you unplug the AC if you ever disconnect the charger from the cart while the charger is still running. The charger will shut off like it should after the batteries are charged.