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I have a PowerWise Charger Model GO-1. I am new to Golf Carts, but we have had ours for about 1 year. I am having a problem with my charger. I researched this site and have read several, several pages on charger issues. I am of above average mechanical and technical skills, but need to clarify a few things.

Battery Pack slowly began dying out. I knew the batteries were on limited time from the previous owners disclosure, no biggie.

I'm sure the charger was on and connected as the batteries fried, so to speak.

Batteries went completely dead, so charger was no longer connected.

Bought brand new batteries from Sam's and installed.

Checked all water levels and filled needed cells with distilled water. 2 of the 6 batteries were very low on water right off the shelf.

Got it all installed, checked each individual battery and got readings between 6.34v and 6.44v, only one was 6.44 the rest were between 6.34 and 6.38. For a total of 38.5v for the pack.

Got around to plug the charger in and nada. Charger wouldn't click or turn on.

I disassembled charger and tried to check the fuse. The diodes didn't look blown, but I couldn't really verify.

I put a jumper wire between the two leads on the relay on the control board and the charger turned on. I was able to verify that the charger was putting out 40.7v at the charger plug to the cart. But when I connected the charger to the cart, I checked the pack voltage again and it was still 38.5v...... If the charger is putting out 40.7v shouldn't the pack read 40.7?? not sure about that.....

One other thing is that the ammeter on the charger didn't ever move at all.... It has that 50 amp fuse on it but it didn't look blown or melted. But how do I verify that the ammeter still works? Trying to narrow the issue down so I can buy some parts to fix my charger. Any help is appreciated.

Also, my cart is a 2002 EZGO electric with the FWD/RVS switch by the key on the dash. Is there a better charger out there than the Powerwise charger? This one has actually gone out on me once before as well. Cost me 90 bucks to get the diodes and fuse changed. Don't want to keep dumping money in this one if there is a better option out there.....


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Did you check the voltage at the receptacle on the cart?
Is this a 36 or 48 volt cart?


This tells me that you have a diode problem. Your charger should put out about 46 volts non load situation, with relay jumped. It will not put out 46 volts when connected to your battery pack until they are almost fully charged.


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I'm sorry, it is a 36v cart.

If it is in fact a diode issue, would that prevent the relay from clicking or "kicking" on?

And would that also prevent the ammeter from working?

The last time it had an issue, it was the fuse and the diodes.

Would a charger trying to charge a completely "fried" set of batteries go bad? Could this cause the diodes and the fuse to go out?

I think the last time they went out, it was attributed to a power surge in the house, so I put the charger on a surge protector.......


The relay would still kick on with a bad doide.
The amp meter would still work with a bad diode, it would just show very low. If it is not working at all, mabye both diodes are bad.

Yes, a charger trying to charge a fried set of batteries is bad for the charger. It has to work too hard and alot of heat is generated. If it gets too hot, things will go bad.


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Ahh, OK. I will change the fuse and both diodes and see where that gets me. Hopefully I don't have to replace the whole control board. But I guess it is what it is....

Also, is this the best charging solution for these carts?

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I will take these older ones Power wise over the new QE SP2 any day. But I have heard the Lester chargers are pretty good as well.

I have similar issue as this guy it clicks and comes on but only about 5amps and stays there. I have several of these and I need them all working if possible for az small fleet of PDS golf carts and a few TXT's.

I read on one of these golf cart blogs to change the capacitor I did still have the same problem! The charger still buzzes real loud stuck at 5amps and out put is 39.5-40 volts. I guess changing the fuse and the diodes is the next step too.

I can still use this charger but it doesn't bring the pack up to a total charge it looks like it on the SOC meter I just have to remember to plug in the smaller Powerwise QE or small black chargerf for about an extra hour or so

I have another one that quit working and saw the board connection to the AC power cord was burnt so I ordered a new board. But also the AC power cord needs to be replaced frayed and repaired a few to many times.

How do you do an equalization charge with these Powerwise amp meter chargers? Just do an extra charge one after another as in unplug and replug is what I have been doing or tried?

And how often for T-105's? Monthly or every 6 months?