Power Spring for Clutches


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Any tips and points are welcomed on information about the power spring for clutches. Its going in a 1996 Club Car I have read all kinds of reviews on the thing but I would like some feed back on some of you guys that have installed these things.
I have a 1996 gas Club Car and that [lack of] power spring BU sells is a POS! Don't waste 60 bucks on it, it doesn't help. Buy the one from Cart Parts Plus, it is cheaper and actually works.


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Hi, I also have a 96 gas. I found this thread interesting and have a couple of questions. Can you use both springs together? Do you still have the same top speed? And, Is the clutch machining worthwhile? Well I guess thats 3 questions. lol


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Yes, you can use them together.
You may loose about 2-3mph top speed ungovernored.
I have machined my drive clutch but not the driven yet. It makes a difference.

BU spring is good also. I have it but since I am going for speed, I removed it. I keep it in a spare driven clutch in case I go trail riding and need a little extra torque.

You will like the drive spring upgrade. Engine gets to about 1200-1300rpms before engagement and closes fully at 3000rpms. Governored top rpm is around 3300rpm. It definately gives you better take off power.


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Thanks, I have my gov disconnected. I just ride it around my property so it's fast enough for me now. Just need a little more torque so I can do better doughnuts in the snow! :D