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just new to this forum and computer use so plse bear with me.I am looking for the max recomended RPM for my golf cart which is governed to 15 mph according to my owners manual-I have a 1994 Columbia Par car-gas-reversible-single cyl-fan air cooled-with the oil injection system removed & running on mixed gas.Runs fine until i come to a steep incline which i can barely climb-I have installed a complete new driven clutch--a new belt-a new carb-when i run it up on jacks the both clutchs seem to perform the way they shud. Th e compression is 110 lbs-I have run it with the governor disconnected but it doesnt make any diff.-I have tacked it out at 6900 on the flats but it drops to 5700 going up a steep hill.-I was going to bump up the RPm to see if that makes a diff but i wud like to know the recomended RPM before i do that.Anybody know that info or have any suggestions for this problem??I have reached the end of my limited mechanical abilty-macy


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I'm not sure what the max RPM is on that engine but 6900 RPM sounds REAL high. What MPH are you doing at 6900 RPM?


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I'm a newbe here to .... but i might be able to help a little . first how are you getting your rpm reading's I was thinking the max was 3400 to 3600 rpm ..But i could be wrong ..
First thing i would check is the exhaust. If the muffler is pluged it will lose power . unhook the muffler and see if it fixes your problem .
Next i would see if the crank shaft seals are leaking .
to test this i would put the cart on jack stands and start it up and when it's running spray some carb cleaner / brake parts cleaner behind the clutch and flywheel if the engine speeds up or slows down the seals are bad and it's sucking air ... i hope this helps