Power Drive 2 Charger Not Cycling


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I'm new to the site and have been reading up to this point.
This is my first posting.
I have a 2007 Precedent purchased from a Golf Course in November.
Last month (June) I had to replace the batteries (48 volts) and did so with with Trojan's. Ran the cart.
Last week the Power Drive 2 Charger went bad. The braker on the
charger would trip every time I plugged the charger into the cart.
I replaced the rectifer and the relay switch in the battery charger.
Plugging it in, the Amp Meter buried at 15 amps and the charger would not
I read gunnarman's response written on June 20, 2010. "Waking up the computer"

Took the cart for a short ride came back and plugged in the charger --Bingo!! The PowerDrive 2 Charger began to cycle. Keeping my fingers crossed this was the solution.
Does this make sense to you Veterans? Thanks to all that contribute to the site.

Truly enjoying reading and learning.


Welcome to the forum...

I've seen this happen before with Club Cars that have the OBC. It should be fine now but keep a eye on it for the first few charge cycles.