Polaris Breeze Throttle is Being Limited


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I am new to the forum. We have a 2010 Polaris Breeze golf cart we purchased 3 years ago. It has been running great for the past 3 yrs. Top speed around 18-21mph. Around a week ago the throttle started to be what I call limited. When you push the pedal down it is slow to accelerate and now it only goes between 5-7mph no matter how far down you push the pedal.

Any suggestions? Any ideas on where I can get this serviced. We called around (South Florida) and there are no shops so far that want to work on the cart. We are located in Boca Raton.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you might have.


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I'm having the same problem. Here are the numbers on the controller...
Customer No: 2411638
Type: Millipak HP Regen
part: 633T45323
serial: 2010024293

The green light is steady and everything seems to work fine, just limited speed.
I have read in different websites that there are different power modes, Limp modes, economy modes, but that is all they mention. They don't mention how to access the different modes and I see no place that these can be activated. The only thing I have found is a wire that you can "reverse" to "reflash enable" but have found no explanation about this anywhere!

This is a friends cart and could really use help to figure this out!