Plum Quick CC 48 V motor new

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I have a brand new Plum Qucik reworked 48 Volt Club car motor for a 48 volt series cart. This motor is still in the orignal box shipped to me by Robbie Steen at Plum Quick himself. This motor has not even been removed from the box. I just dont need it.

Acorrding to the Plum Quick Web site they conservatively estimate the motor to produce 20% increase in speed and torque, and I think this is with a stock controller. Many people oin the PQ forum claim speeds of 22, 24 and 26 mph on flat ground with this motor and great torque increases for off road driving.

So Im selling this motor. I beleive it retails for $250 from Plum Quick. Im looking for $175 plus the shipping. Shipping weight was 25 lbs so Im guessing ground will be about $25-30.

Email at [email protected]

or call @ (850) 622-9589 and ask for Scott


No, its a series motor.