Plum Quick August Race at Pageland


guys here is the story on the PQ race in Pageland SC in August 14.

This event is open to everyone and anyone who has a golf cart no matter what type of engine or motor your running...........or jet engines or V8 engines...........if you bring a golf cart you will be able to run! We will be posting the classes and awards very soon. Thanks to all, Robby

There is going to be more info out on the PQ site in a few more weeks. I hope everyone is going to try and make it. The sport needs these little races in your local area's to generate interest for the whole sport and hopefully grow to a major event later on.
Let's go racing, and leave the other stuff at the house!
Well said, Thanks Andy


Steve I personally invite you and your wife to come and spend a fun filled weekend at Pageland SC. Now does that make you feel better, I know it does me. I never got a funnel cake either!!!


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Thanks for the invite Andy, but it looks like the rules are bein' altered to deter Krazy Karts Racing from showing up... Oh well... Life's too short, yes?

Andy, we will be running under IHRA track rules...........all golf carts will need to run under car rules, there are no such just golf cart rules. Pageland Dragway will give me a brakedown on how they want the golf carts to run so the rules are the SAME for everyone. After last years race the track owners saw a few things that would not fly at one of their events, so we will let them call the shots just like one of their drag events. The big thing to them was the staging of some carts........under IHRA rules you can't put you hands on the car or in our case carts once you get to the wet box and beyond. I'm working with them on the rules and we will post them soon so everyone knows what they can and can not do once they start staging. One other big thing is amount of batteries that will be allowed for the fastest 48 volt class and the fastest 72 volt class...........this also will be posted soon. The track will have control of the carts as far as them running on their track........we will set the classes that we want to run...........the track will make sure that everyone is treated the same on the strip. If we want to grow this sport, we need to be able to run under the same conditions that the cars do. It want be a big deal..........we just need to get a few things worked out and post and then everyone will know what they will need to do to run. Everything will be fine. Smiley

I didn't know the IHRA had an "Amount of batteries rule"... Ya can't touch the car after the pre-stage light...


Yes I saw that. I Don't think it's that big of a deal. Once in the lane let the driver do his thing. If someone pushes there cart to the line as I did Ryan in Albany and the oponent drives up to the light and trips the lights and red light's by acident then who is going to say it's fare or not...I don't know. The sport has to be willing to go with the flow of the tracks and everyone needs to make sure we as a racing group all are playing on a level field.

I know as you know if my oponent say's he is racing a cart that is 72 volts that is what I trust it to be. If I find out it's 100 volts or more then I'm going to have problems as you or anyone else would. I also know it's times like last weekend when we broke and Harvey redlighted we still won the match up. I as a person couldn't see Ryan being the winner and us broke so we gave it to Harvey since he could run.

Steve I'm sorry if you feel as though the rules are being changed to make things difficult for KKR but as with any sport rules must be followed and I think they will make it fare for everyone. The track will have final say so I guess. I need to read a rule book also I guess to know for sure.


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Thanks Andy, but they ain't talkin' 72 volts or 100... They're implying that we gotta run a certain # of batts. I'm guessin' they don't like the fact that we run parallel packs... :dazed:

Hope them guys never race diesels, 'cause they won't be able to start them on a single 12 volt batt., it would have ta have two 12's parralleled... They don't seem ta like that...

As for staging, the carts are closer to jr dragsters than cars, yes? Jr's are staged...


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Robby!!! C'mon!!! This is crazy, yes?

Just a note about batteries:
stock class............everything stock, if it's a stock cart your fine.
pro 48 volt can have any type motor, controller or anything else you want, but when it comes to the batteries, you have to run 6-8 volts or 8-6 volts or 4-12 volts NO 16 volts and NO parallel batteries.
pro 72 volt can have any type motor, controller or again anything else you want, but again when it comes to the batteries, you have to run 9-8 volts or 12-6 volts or 6-12 volts NO 16 volts and NO parallel batteries.
Anything above 72 volts will be in the pro outlaw class, and you can run any type battery and as many batteries as you can put in the cart and yes you can parallel them. These carts will NOT be checked, but the above classes WILL be checked.
NO parallel batteries in the 48 volt and 72 volt classes puts EVERYONE in the same place (TRUE VOLTAGE) I know the so called reasons for parallel battery packs (less voltage drop) but I also know about all the different TRICKS that can be done with adding voltage to the motor while running a so called 48 volt or 72 volt cart. This way everyone is the same, so if you got a fast cart on parallel and not just tricked out, well you will have a fast cart on series because all the carts will be just in series.
The only way to have a TRUE fastest 48 volt and 72 volt is to have these rules. Now if you want to help your voltage drop and say your running 680 type 12 volt batteries........then put in a set of say 925 type 12 volt batteries, this way you don't have to worry about putting more batteries in parallel and by the way you save alot of weight, money and gain speed. I hope this helps.........and for those who still think this is some how been put in place to hurt them............well we just are making sure the TRICKS stay at home.
Thanks, Robby Smiley

Now we're cheatin'...:stop:




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This would rule out an Ion Lithium pack. The only way to build a pack is series till you get the voltage that you need & then parallel till you get the amps that you need. A single stran of a123 ION batteries that could total 48-volts woud not have enough amps to protect itself from a stock controller much less than a 550 amp controller.


I'll have to say I don't know the answer to this right off the top of my head. I went to 925's because of amp drop and voltage drop. I know Robby is trying to make it fare for everyone and not everyone is going to like it. No one is calling anyone a cheater D/S, where did that come from?
I see where what he is saying is the right thing to do for stock or any class but it throw's a lot of people out if you can't parallel batteries.
I just want to have a good time.


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Here's my :twocents: :
If this is bracket racing what does it mattter? I used to bracket race, the key is consistancy. Years ago I ran my small block '67 Chevy Biscayne against a pro comp Mustang. I didn't win, but it was darn close. Maybe you could incorporate some of the National Electric Drag Racing Association classification and divisions into the NGKRA. Just my :twocents: