Plug in differential ?


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Hi, I am about to jack up my golf cart and check the oil level in the differential. Took a look and the plug has a square looking hole in the center.......will my 3/4 drive socket driver fit?

Before I jack up the cart, I thought I should get advice about whether I need a special tool to unscrew the plug.

The jack up is going to be "interesting"; I do not have jack stands so I guess I will try to balance the cart on my floor jack (in the rear) and bottle jack in the front.

Any advice is appreciated. :)


Most of the plugs take a allen socket/wrench, I'm not sure what size off hand. If it's a square hole it should take a 3/8 or 1/2 ratchet. You can do it without jacking the cart up but it's easier if you jack it up. Make sure it's level...


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hey kistler..if it has a sqaure hole in the plug its probally a 3/8 drive ratchet and no speacial tools needed..they say
a good 30 weight oil is what you put in it also..
i changed mine by putting a floor jack under the rear end in the center also and it didnt hurt anything at all.
its a quik easy drain and refill and you wont have any problems..
im a die hard chevy guy so everything i have gets vavoline,havoline or pennzoil in it but you can use your
favorite oil as well..good luck and hope it all goes easy for you,john