Pit Cart Build for the Dragstrip


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Pit Cart build for use at the dragstrip.
This puppy started off life as a bone stock white 03 EZ gasser.........


Then came the tunes, Colorstorm underbody lights (crappy pic) Stereo, switches, etc.






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A buddy of mine runs the plant where they do the camo coatings for ATVs and Rhinos and such.... He did the carbon fiber on the swingarm of my Nephew's race bike and I had to have it on the cart.... now to decide on a cage design abd color... I'm torn between red, silver, or doing it in aluminum.


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Great looking cart! I LOVE the CF dip. First one I've seen. Can you post a daylight pic?

As for the cage, Porsche Guards Red, or a Cobalt Blue would go well.


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Tim, I just joined your site. Its awesome. BA cart dude, you should put a diesel in it and add some stacks


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Thanks for the kind words about the cart and the site guys! I finally finished wrapping up the headlights, tail lights, seat covers and wiring. I still have to paint the top and get it back on and I'll get some pics of it during the day up. I had to scrub the cage plans for a few weeks. We have the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza next weekend, and there is not enough time to get the cage done. :mad:

As far as a diesel swap, I'm definitely looking for a decent motor. It is going to require a chitload of fab work though. I had a line on a used engine out of a kubota RTV, but it will be too tall to fit without a stupid big lift, and it will still wanna drag the ground......

One of the vendors on my board can get me Kohler stuff at cost...any body have any opinions on the Kohler V twin vs the briggs and Honda?


Those pics bring back a lot of good memories. :D

I saw Freddy DeName race quite a bit in the early 70's. Theres a lot of stories about him being hooked up in the MOB and his pit crew were supposedly all hit men.


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Broadway Freddy was a nut!!!

He was in the mob and wound up in witness protection in TX.

I read a buncha old car culture magazines and found out about him which led me to this article: