pionts ignition


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has any one ever thought of convetring an older golf cart with points ignition to a regular modern set up?? (magneto ignition??) if it is possible and has been done how hard was it and is there a set up available to buy??

Don B.

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why bother; just go to Napa Car Quest or some other "real" auto parts store (as opposed to the "grocery store" types like OReillys, Useless Zone, Advance etc) and ask for points and condenser for an early 70s Chevy inline 6 (250 CID) like a pickup, Nova, etc... same as what these carts take and way better than China crap most cart parts places (that I have dealt with at least) sell. Like an actual nut to retain the primary wires instead of a nylon clip, for starters...


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NAPA part number is CS88 for points. I remeber reading somewhere sometime ago that someone was in the middle of doing a conversion, but it looked like a pretty hairy undertaking.