Pics of my 89 and 84 EZ-GOs

Hi Guys, I know ya'll love pics so I'm attempting to put some on the forum, if this puter will cooperate. So bear with me. This might not be pretty.


Two nice carts!! And clean for their age...

If you want the images to display in the your posts just copy and paste the IMG CODE from your pics on photobucket...


Thanx HotRod, We've been fightin with this thing most of the morning, still not sure how we got it this far. We used the step by step you gave to another member that was having problems and tried to get the pics to load right on the post, but something went wrong somewhere. Later I will try your sugjestion and try to figure out where I'm going wrong. Both carts were torn all the way down and rebuilt. Thats rattle can paint on both, the Almond color one is Rustoleum appliance epoxy which I found to be about as close to automotive paint as you can get. It has a hard smooth finish, but only comes in black, white or almond. Thanx again.....Bob


Looking good, nothing like fresh paint. I feel for you on the pix posting i suck at that, just ask Gorno.


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Yep, he sucks at that. When y'all finally understand how easy it is yer gonna slap yerself in the melon.

Nice carts, X Phantom Phixer!

I see Sky King in your picture properties. Do you remeber Penny? She was hot!
Thanx for the compliments guys, I appreciate it. gornoman, I remember Penny very well she was hot and drove a Jeep. I also remember the Cessna UC-78 "Bambo Bomber" they flew and was broken hearted when they changed to that dang Cessna 310. Love those big clanky round engines.