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i hope im not out of line here but i thought id see who on the forum may carry a L.W.SEECAMP pocket pistol.
its the worlds smallest auto pocket pistol and started as a 25 auto in the 80,s and then they started makeing 32,s and now they make 380,s...all the same size and identical gun pretty much..
ive been carrying one for almost 20 yrs and figured if there were any gun gurrus of small mouse guns here they would enjoy being introduced to them if ya havent already..
its a long 16 months - a couple year wait to buy one and they cost just under 900 bucks if ya order one and wait it out..if ya find one anywhere else they are kinda like gold sometimes going for upwards of a grand and way higher,but can fit in your watch pocket,haha..once youve had one youll never go back,as far as being so small you can carry it everywhere unnoticed..hope yall check it out..the forum there is some of the most knowlogable people and very kind as well to talk to
it been around a while also...check it out at WWW.SEECAMP.COM johnny9


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well hrc,,i can post easy on other sites as i just click the browse button and add the sure its not hard to do it here just havent took the time to figure it out..i will take some nice photos tomorrow and mail them to you if thats ok,john

you can also visit there site at


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The SEECAMP is a nice pistol is nice size to carry! A neighbor carries one all the time.

When I carry in the winter it's a compact Kimber 1911 Ultra Aegis II (3"). In the summer it's a Beretta "Pocket" .32 Auto (2.4"). Bike or car it's a Kimber 1911 Custom II (5").


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Left hand's on left, right hand's on right.

Seecamp holster neighbor uses and I use Beretta version. Made to fit weapon perfectly. Unscrew becomes front pocket holster. With "chicago" screws in and back on it becomes a great rear pocket holter. Replace back with Motorcycle wallet size back hides it completely while riding.

To draw from rear pocket, hand easily slides down between holter back and pistol.



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Do you have a pic, with the pistol next to something, like a quarter or ruler, so we can see a size comparison?


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i will have hot rod post a pic with it next to a 22 short naa(this is one of the first naa 22,s from 30 yrs ago or so)
im gonna try to figure out this pic posting thing today and i will post some diffrent photos of my seecamp engraved orb raw nickel silver 220 lumen flash light thats the size of a cCR123 battery also,its cool and bright,and some diffrent carry methods of holsters ive got for the seecamp.john

heres a link to the orb flashlight if you guys are flashlight nuts like me,,the orb raw ns is of the upmost qaulity,but not cheap..

i have the 2 thats show beside the battery on front page.i have 2 of the bigger raw ns engraved that only 32 were made with the seecamp logo bar and shield..the small one isnt that bright but the raw will light up my 1 1/2 acres real well.


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holly cow,i think i figured how to get the pics loaded,i,ll get some pics tonight and try again,john


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ok,i think i may have this down pat for now,,as you can see my seecamp 380 has many holster marks and is carryed from dusk till dawn and it shows..but i have many others but none compare to being as comfortable to carry as this little jewel.

the flashlight on the right is the seecamp logo engraved orb raw ns and the tiny one on the left is the orb wee ns(nickel silver)thats why they look a bit yellowish from pocket wear,john


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Good looking guns, I just got my CCDW permit and carry either a Ruger P345 or my Ruger SR9 which I love.
Glad to see other Cartaholics packing.


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If you don't hit "Return" after each photo code line, they will string in a line left to right.


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thanks gornoman,,that make a learnin..and i thought id never lke computers 5 yrs ago.

i love rugers also..espeacially the old blackhawk 6 shooters..thinkin about gettin the taurus
judge here soon..kinda like the idea of 45 long colt and 410 shotshells for bear or snakes,john


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pretty darn heavy going to look at one tomorrow at the gun store in stainless for 500 bucks.

with economy and work the way it is im not sure if i wanna spend the money on it just yet..

thats a few good toyz for the cart huh,john


Nice looking pistol, in Indiana you can get a lifetime permit to carry a handgun and I carry a Jennings 22. About the same size as the one in your pic.