Perfectly Working Golf Cart Stopped Running and Runs Slow Now


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Hello fellow carters,
I need some help troubleshooting some issues I had with my golf cart while out for a ride yesterday. Perfectly Working Golf Cart Stopped Running and Runs Slow Now. After looking at it closer today I think I may have a few things going on, some minor while most are major as my cart is not running right now. Let me give you the basics of my cart followed by an outline of issues/symptoms.

2005 EZGO 36v electric
Freedom chip
New Trojan batteries

How issue started:
1. Driving on pavement to level dirt field
2. Cart stopped completely with no pulling or jerking
3. Will not move forward or backward
4. Got back on pavement and cart would run but very slowly
5. Smoke coming from left rear wheel with heavy burning smell when driving home
6. Hard to press brake pedal

Jacked rear end up to inspect:
1. Removed wheel and brake drum
a. Drum very difficult to remove
2. Brake cable at axel end doesn’t look the same as the right rear wheel
a. The sheathing looks to be pulled from the coupler that mounts to the back of the drum back plate and is bunched up at the coupler– not smooth like other side.
3. Can move axel by hand easily forwards and backwards
a. Other wheel spins in opposite direction
b. No clicking, popping, grinding noises heard – no noise at all
4. When pressing gas the wheels will spin for 5 to 10 seconds and then come to a stop while the pedal is still pressed.
a. Again, no noises hear except for the spinning of the wheel/axel
b. After it stops and I let off the pedal and press again it moves half a rotation and then stops and the next time it will not spin again.
c. After sitting for 5 minutes or so it will do this all over again
5. Brake pedal is easy to press but equalizer linkage is pulled towards the left rear wheel, both with brake pressed and released.
I feel like I have a couple issues going on here.
1. I will probably need to replace the shoes and drum on the left rear but will take off right rear to compare the shoes and drum for any differences.
2. I will replace the left brake cable as I don’t like the look of it.
3. Bad bearing on left axel?
4. Bad axel?
5. Or could this be motor/controller issue given the description on item 4 a, b, c?

All comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated in troubleshooting this. BTW, I have the Technician’s Repair and Service Manual and some decent mechanical skills although carts are new hobby.




It's possible you could have hurt the motor or controller from driving it with the brake dragging. I would start with getting the brakes working right and new brake cables. The axles turning in opposite directions when they're off the ground is normal. Both axles should turn freely.

You can put the cart in diagnostic mode and see if you get any codes. There's a post in the EZGO Resource Forum with details on the different codes. After you run it in diagnostic mode let us know what codes you get.

Also make sure your cable connections are all clean and tight. Look for signs of heat at ALL connections.


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Thanks for the reply, I'm going to do the diagnostics check this eveing when I get home. I'm really starting to have a bad feeling about it. I'm also planning on checking all connections like you suggested.

I am picking up new brake cables tomorrow as well and will get them on and hopefully everything is back to normal. I will keep this post updated.

Thanks again for the suggestions/help.



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A couple of weeks have passed and I finally got my cart back on the street today. To update what the issues were...1st the brake issue was the driver side brake cable. I bought a new brake cable assembly and after replacing it, its working like a charm. I have a little bit of adjustments to make but it's stopping really well. I just want to firm up the pedal some.

2nd the not running issue was the solenoid. I replaced the solenoid and resistor and everything is working like a champ. Fortunately no cables or connectors were damaged with the heat. The white cable going into the controller had an almost exposed spot from rubbing on a post on the solenoid but some shrink wrap took care of that.

Thanks for the help and advice during my early troubleshooting. I found it was the solenoid b/c of the codes it gave when the cart was on jack stands and I would press the accelerator. The beeps indicated a welded closed condition and checking voltage proved it.

I bought some HD rear leaf springs while at the dealership ($45 ea) and will install them tomorrow. I’m knocking down the wish list….