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Hey guys. I believe I have chased down a no go problem on an '05 PDS to the ITS. Black lead reads .9 and goes to 2.9 at activation. White starts out at 14.5 and goes to 13.8 at full throttle. This is with my tester neg at the Batt neg. Selonoid clicks but no go. Changed it with a new selonoid and got the same results. I have gone through several posts to resolve my problem and wanted to run this by you guys before I bought a new ITS. This is my first post on here. No need to ask questions that have already been answered.
What do you guys think of these numbers? Time for a new ITS?
Thanks, Bob


Sorry for the slow reply to your question...

Have you tried putting the cart in diagnostic mode to see if it throws any codes?

To test the ITS jack the rear of the cart up and put it on jack stands. With the key on and the cart in either forward or reverse put the ground of your meter on the battery pack negative, slowly push the accelerator and on the small black wire at controller you should have 13-15 volts at activation, on small white wire you should have .5 volts at activation to 1.5 volts at full throttle. Test the black wire with it plugged in and unplugged.