pds cart


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we have a pds cart that acting funny need a little help. the cart will start off well, but then will slow to a crawl. it will mov but very slow. where do we loo? the solenoid is warm if not hot to touch. we changed it, but the cart has same problem. if you hold the gas peddle down the cart slows ,brakes hard ,then speeds up. is this bad controller. bad batteries 6-6.0, throttle sensor,bad wire. we run the test 2-3 code comes up. i don't under stand what is telling me.please any info would help bcgc


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I had a cart do this not long ago. mine turned out to be the controller. is this a stock controller? I would make sure everything is tight, but it sounds like the high speed side of the controller has gone out. It could also be the ITS.


Code 2-3 is thermal cut back. Meaning the controller is in thermal shutdown. It could be a bad controller. I'm not sure what you mean by "bad batteries 6-6.0" but if you batteries are reading 6.0 volts they're dead.