PDS Cart Powering Down in Use.

Doug's post about spraying reminded of a question I keep forgetting to post.

Our 2007 EZGO PDS cart will go limp when climbing a hill very slow. The first time I was trying to go about 2 MPH up a step hill waiting for the kids to catch up on their bikes.

When I am slowly spraying up a hill it will do the same thing so I have learned to spray going down hill.

It will just get where it stops pulling at even WOT. It seems to try a little but will not start moving. If I will click the Forward button on the dash to mid position then back to Forward position I am good to go.

I am guessing it is getting hot but not sure how flipping the dash switch heals it in a flip?

Anyone else see this occur? Is something failing?


It could be the controller going into thermal shut down. Or the solenoid may be dropping out. The electric carts don't like climbing steeper hills at less than full throttle.
We just got back from 90 minutes of WOT most of the time and on steep hills the voltage was still above 32v in the climb with ZERO powering down issues. Thanks
I have a neighbor that has had the same problem . At 90 yrs. old she would just barely give it enough gas to get going and after a while it would stop untill it cooled down. It eventually fried the controller.She replaced 2 controllers before anyone knew what was happening. Thanks to the very knowledgeable people I was able to fix it when a "dealer" could not.
doughboy43 I am sure that is a major factor. What I do not understand is how moving the dash button to N position then right back to Forward "fixes" the shut down. I am trying to change my usage to get around triggering this but it is hard when spraying a quarter mile road ditch.


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Check your controller, if it's getting hot, thermal shutdown is likely the problem.
If your controller is just warm you may be having a problem with the solenoid or the rocker switch itself.
Doug it will try to pull the cart but just kind of grunts. :)

This means there is not a complete "Open" like I would expect with a thermal breaker. I will hook up the volt meter and start watching it. One day when it was cool I opened the seat and could feel some warmth in a general sense.


Just cme back from camping with the family this weekend and had the same problem with my 2006 PDS. I had the wife, two kids, and myself and pulled some good size hills out in the woods. We were comming downhill and crossing a rut when it just stopped. I check the controller and it was HOT. After letting it cool down for 5 min. it took off no problem. I'm thinking the cheep fix is to add a fan and have it plugged into my aux. 12V batt.