Parts Needed For V-Twin Swap?


I think all it really takes is money
... and if you really like the big block it keeps taking and taking LOL

Sorry I couldn't resist. I have no clue, I've never put one in... but I can sure dream big though



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Well it depends on how good at fabbing you are. Well a clutch or mod yours to work, ignition switch, misc hardware, exhuast, plus some other things. If you cant fab youll need a swing arm and some other things!


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Plowmans has kits for G16's and I am quessing they would work ok if the engine frame setup is the same, which I think they are. Could call and see for sure.


g16-g22 use same swing arm and I have the g22 engine so plowmans works. I mighta found a heck of a deal on 10 16hp briggs vangaurds. I need to see what im lookin at to put one of these in. We can get these CHEAP


Wheelchairman, The 16 hp should do everthing that you want to do. I know you arent as large as my friend and I. Together we weigh almost 720 pounds and the 24 hp honda has enough torque to carry the front wheels in level ground with both of us on it. That is, when you can get the tires to hook. Most of the time it just spins both wheels. If you can buy a kit for your cart, by all means get it. I didnt have the money at the time to buy the kit that Arizona Carts offers so we fabed mine. Man, that was a lot of grinding and welding and cutting and drilling and grinding and... well I'm sure you get the point. I can say we made every needed part of my cart. And I'm kinda proud of that. Although if I would have had the money I would have purchased the kit. You will probably have to have your clutch machined out to fit the shaft on the Briggs, I know on the EZGO the shaft is tapered, I'm assuming the g22 is too. Dont hesitate to ask if you have any more questions, I'll help you as much as I can.


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I bought the 18 hp vanguard kit from cartpartsplus. Talking to a couple old timers over at BU, if I would have done everything myself, I could have saved
about $100 or so but would spend lots more time. For me it was easy, buy the kit. Everything is done, all wiring is ready to go, new clutch, new belt, mounting
bracket. I didn't want to take the time to re-invent everything. Just my 2 cents.