Parting out complete Harley Davidson Golf Carts


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I have multiple complete harley davidson/ columbia golf carts i am parting out.
Alot of great parts.
Accepting paypal!
I am located in Spokane WA

Don B.

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cool; good to know; I have a Harley cart I am trying to revive and will be calling once I get my "laundry list" complete....

Don B.

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I know of 4-5 things "fer shure" that I could use; a good complete "parts" carb or "rebuildable one (I'd use my incomplete one for parts then), all the governor components, a point cover,
and (2) of the donut gaskets between the carb and air filter... they are like 1/4" thick rubber and ~1-3/4" diameter.... somehow nboth of my carts are missing this piece


Tennessee Squire
I have one 4 wheeled cart and one three wheeled left. I also have lots of parts and parts carts. 1500. for 4 wheeler 700. for the 3 wheeler. Might trade for? thanks!