Pargo Golf Cart Wiring Help


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Hey guys, new to the forum and need help with my Pargo golf cart wiring. Never heard this before have ya.........

I rescued an old Pargo cart from the bone pile out behind our cart shed and brought it home....some parts are not OEM, that I'm sure of, for one the speed control is made in Iowa and I am fairly sure it's aftermarket..


I have ran all new 4 gauge wire from the motor to the control box keep in mind that I started this project approx. 2 maybe 3 years ago, I'm 55 years old and memory is fuzzy....I know alcohol in vast quantities may cause some of the fuzzyness..but I will admit that the age may have a little affect on it also..the guy I got the cart from was using it up until he got a new one so I know it runs OK. After I rewired the cart I hooked up the batteries and charged them with the appropriate 36 volt charger and checked them...what I found at that time was one of the batteries had froze and cracked, one was just plain low and would not hold a charge, and the other four were in fair shape...just because I didn't have extra batteries around I went ahead and hooked up all the batteries and hooked up the charger and with the cart on jacks charger running hit the gas and she ran like a champ...cycled all three speeds...forward and reverse.....Well I was only going to use the cart here at home on our acreage to just mess around with, so new batteries were out of the question....I would just wait for someone to buy a new set for there cart and use the good ones out of their I said that was 2 or 3 years ago...other things filled my time cart kind of fell of the front burner....well now the other day I find myself in NAPA and while I'm thinking about it ask Tom if anybody has bought new cart batteries lately...sure he says I just loaded up a set of six fairly good ones on the recycle truck last week.....but Mrs. Green just bought 4 new Trojan 105's for her cart and will be bringing the trade-in batteries in today or tomorrow....great.. I picked up the battery's, took them home and installed them, hooked up the charger and charged them...then the next day I went to finish the wire hookup to the battery (the positive and negative) that's where the memory gets know I wrote down very detailed pictures and diagrams of the wiring while I was doing it so as to not make any mistakes....and I failed to write down which wire went to positive and which to negative....on this motor there are three studs on the back and one on the front..the red (don't go by color, because when I rewired I used all red and so did the PO)one on the left is the one in this one + or - to the battery, if I know this the other one that comes back from the control box is the opposite...also if they were to be hooked up in reverse polarity would the motor run at all or in the reverse direction????


Here is a shot of the other side of the motor


here is a shot of the end of the motor with the brake disc..supposed to be able to guess the approx. year of cart from this as there are no model number plates left on the cart all gone with several other modifications....


any and all help or advice is welcome, Ive even been known to accept constructive criticism while under the influence of adult beverages.....


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I think that cable would go to positive. There's some Pargo wiring diagrams in the resource forum that may help.


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Yes it was the positive cable....thanks.... and I also copied the diagram of the Pargo wiring, thanks again....hooked it all up and the little girl and I have been riding all around the farm today....working fine and running to start the mods