Par Car Speed Controller


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I have what I believe is a 1986 Par Car When I drive it and press on the throttle pedal it is either on or off there is no slow speed When I am going wide open I can heasr siloniods kicking in and out but I wont go slow It is either fast or off any help would be nice


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How many solenoids does the cart have? If it has more than one I'd start with testing all of them.


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It has four solenoids, one has a small resistor, one has a large resistor, one is the forward solenoid, and the last one is the reverse solenoid. I have checked all of them and they all work, as soon as I turn on the key the solenoid with the large resistor kicks in and I believe it never goes off, If I unplug the speed control it goes off but when I plug it in it comes back on. I ohmed out the speed control box and no matter what I did I couldt get the ohms to do anything other than OFL or 132 ohms