par car problems


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Got a 36 volt par car that wasnt running. When turning the key noticed that the ignition was turning as well so got that figured out and then when you put it in reverse it just takes off weather the gas pedal is pushed or not. And when you put it in forward i get nothing. Any help or Ideas of whats wrong with this beast would be awesome .


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hi' welcome to the forum. if you turn the key on and it takes off on it 's own it is most likely a stuck solenoid. if your cart has the 5 solenoid in a row it is the 1st one that is the FnR on the drivers side of cart. i believe. and the rest are for speed control. When you work on the electrics of the cart unhook the battery pack to prevent sparking. you can jack up the rear end put on stands and check the solenoids out after replacement. that way it wont run off. hope this helps later o.c.f.