Par Car Problems


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Hi to all
I'm new to the site so I hope I can find some help here.I've got a 96 Par Car Vin#3e-28844-dp
that I just replaced all the batteries in and it run fine for about 2 weeks then one day it would only click so I charged the cart batteries to no luck still just a click.I found a service manual online that tells how to check out,it came down to the master soleniod.I removed the soleniod and bench tested and it was defective.purchase a new one put it on and now it want click or anything tested system again now it says 1 of 2 things the electronic module or the senser.The cart has a power system version c theres a link at bottom to see wiring. The controller is good as is the motor I want to know if its any way to rewire the cart to bypass the senser and electronic module.If there is anybody that know anything about par cars or where I can purchase used parts maybe please responed or just email me.



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Give me a call tomorrow morning around 9:00 cst and I'll see if I can help!

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