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Hi, new member, new to carting, looking forward to alot of just plain fun, I have a problem a bad key switch on my PAR CAR golf cart, have been told that there is a big problem with them and that they were all replacements were recalled by the maker of the switch, is there any truth to this, and if so, how do I find one, or rewire the system to use a simple 3 way switch on off on type or something like it.

I was told that there is a conversion for them that uses 2 solinoids instead of one, but cant find anything on the net about it, does anyone have a link or the information on how to do it. im not a mechanic by trade, but I can fix most anything, this has me stumped. :wallbash:

Thanking all of you in advance

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I suggest removing the switch and take it down to your local auto parts store. They should be able to match it up with an ALL-PURPOSE IGNITION SWITCH. Plus this will give you a unique key, a plus if anyone you know also has a Par Car

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You could look up the yamaha G1 uses two solenoids and F&R key switch. Up here in the midwest we see lots of Columbia/Par Cars and the key switch issue is huge! When they stopped offering them 3 years ago a new switch if you could find one went for as high as $700! Aftermarket came out with the switch but now they quit!
I have told my customers to drive them till they stop and take um to the junk yard.
You could use the F&R out of a 89-92 EZ-GO and take the cables from the switch--use a standard key switch for on/off