Painting a Plastic Bodied Cart


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I have a Hyundai cart that needs some "freshening" up the body is all plastic and I have attempted to wax and clean it to get some kind of shine but it just stays dull, and actually waxing made it worse, I would like to paint it and was wondering if anyone has had success doing this, I do not want to disassemble the cart, I thought I could mask off everything I don't want painted. I also thought I could use a spray can, this where I need ideas, do I need a adhesion promoter 1st ? Thoughts on Krylon Fusion spray ? does it work? Any other ideas or tips? Thanks for any help, it's my 1st post, great site. AMXAL


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welcome to the site..lots of info here to learn from..not sure about your painting intrest tho..there
are many people that offer custom painted bodies so im sure you can paint it to your likeing.
probally turn out better with a spray gun and some hardner and a bunch of coats.

either way im sure you will do fine..whats the worst that can happen,,youll have to paint it again
and have fun doing it right..good luck with it,john


I've seen some Fusion paint jobs that looked pretty good. Not as good as a spray gun but it all depends on how much you want to spend on a paint job.

The fusion paint doesn't need a promoter. I'd wipe the the body down with prepsol or some king of cleaner to get all the wax and other build up off before and after you sand it and get it ready to spray...


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Thanks guys for the ideas, I currently have the cart at my camper up in WI. and don't really have a way to get it home to paint. That's why I thought it would be easier to rattle can it where she sits, still open to any ideas.Thanks again for your thoughts this is a great place. AMXAL