Ozark Golf Cart Nationals July 10-1


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Please Guys no negativity about the Ozark Golf Cart Drag Racing Nationals July 10-1

Back in the day there was a lot of interest in modified golf carts. But only a few in, when nothing else matters but winning. KK.. DS.. GB..PQ.. And that guy with the bad ass cart with the Honda motor in it. Since then we had a few more join in. All great guys. But where are they now.!!!! Pissed off feelings, Out of money. Or just got into cart racing because they thought it would help their small business in north Texas. I know that a couple of good neighbors got out because of me... I know a Father & Son sold their carts also because of me... Ok so I except 100 % of the blame for the failure of golf cart racing !!! But I know for a few that is just an excuse. I also know that two, maybe four have carts ready race. I ask all you guy's from Florida to meet me at Terry's race. OP says you don't have to like me to race me ... But you have to have balls to show up & race against a back woods hillbilly that I have come to have a lot of respect for...

Peace & Lets Race. And if I offended anyone ... Well it wont be the first time. After all the dust has settled. Lets race !!!!!