Our EZGO Eletric Golf Cart With Lift Kit and Custom Paint


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Hey guys!!! This place seems to have all the answers and some sweet sweet golf carts!!! Just wanted to join in on the fun! I've got a custom 96 electric EZGO golf cart with a 6" lift kit, custom paint, rims, tires, seats. It's still a work in progress but it's looking sweet!!!

Quick question to anyone, is there any way to get a little more speed out of my cart?? It's all standard right now, didn't know if there was anything I could do to a 96.



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Welcome :hattip:
I'd say a briggs v twin, but that's just me. Sorry :rotflmao:

goin' fast is in the blood of some around here, somebody will be along to answer your questions shortly.

Nice golf cart :usa:


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welcome to the forum....

hey nubs is electric.....

you can start with speed controller but it best for a new motor with matching controller


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Not to sound stupid but I'm fairly new to the golf cart scene!!! :) How can I tell if it's a DCS or Series/Fleet??


If it's a DCS cart it will have a run/tow switch on the controller cover. If it doesn't have the switch it's a series cart


Okay with a series cart you'll only gain torque with a higher amp controller. If you want speed and torque you'll need to upgrade the motor to. D&D builds very good motors and also sell Alltrax controllers. I'd give them a call and tell them what you want to get out of the cart and they'll set you up with a good combination.