Opinions on lift kits

We Haul

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I'm looking into putting a lift on my 2000 ezgo fleet golf cart. I don't need anything like a-arms or coil overs my golf cart is used mainly on the street. What would you guys suggest?


I recommend a factory authorized EZGO lift from your local EZGO dealer. I bought one for $250 and the extras that come with it make it well worth the money. You get new ST Workhorse spindles and hubs that have built in tie rod risers, new tie rods and ends, fender flares, the drop axle, rear lift, new shock bushings and all the hardware needed.


I agree with fairlane, drop Frt axle and axle flip on the rear is the cheapest, and its just as safe as the rest. IMHO The axle flip gives you about 3 inches without blocks. If you use a 3 inch block thats 6 inches of lift.


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The drop axle lift is definately the way to go. Those economy block lifts look great to the wallet, but the drop axle will be stronger in the long run, plus it looks cool too.


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You do what you want but there is no way I would use those blocks in the frt. You hit a pothole at speed and there is a tremendous amount of stress applied to those things. I dont think they are safe unless you just put around. Just my .02 worth.



I'm not a big fan of the blocks either. If your going to ride on the street all the time blocks would be ok I guess. But for a few dollars more I'd go with a good drop axle.