Open Circuit Contactor


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What does this mean to you... At any given time I have 2 - 7 contactors on my cart at one time... I use them to open & close a current or sometimes to just reroute current...I thought I knew them inside & out...wrong!!!! We had to do some last minute wiring & ran into what we thought was some kind of a short...with a contactor in line but not activated we had pack voltage across the two main lugs...once the contactor was activated the pack voltage was gone from the two lugs & the current moved on...With pack voltage at the two big lugs and holding back the current would this be a open or closed current contactor... We were told depending on the state of the contactor to which way we needed to wire up...after total melt down of 2-3 contactors we got it right...But I still don't know the proper term to which contactor I had... When it's just me in my garage hooking & blowing stuff up it doesnt matter... But when you are in a hurry & you have to ask a question it helps to know the proper terms & wording of the one that is trying to help you...