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Well I upgraded the cables to 4g and put in 6 new batteries, while driving it the torque was huge and the cart was really jerky when you touched the peddle. I guess I jerked it once to many times and now the engine whirrs but the cart doesnt move. I think I may have stripped the diff but will know tomorrow when I open the differential. If I have what should I get to replace the diff (heavy duty) since I lifted the cart and put bigger tires I guess the diff may not have been able to take the strain.

its a '94 ezgo marathon electric


Wm. R. Thames

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Did you strip the splines at one of the rear hubs? Might remove hub caps if any, see if any axle is turning and the hub is not turning, have some one press the gas while you inspect, Beware of possible cart moving, I'am not one of the cart pro's though.


More than likely you strip a hub. Axle is the last thing to strip. 4 gauge and new batteries ant going to strip a axle. I want strip a hub either. The nut has loosened up on the hub and axle and caused the hub splines to have sloop in them.


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As usual you guys are correct, I stripped the hub and the diff was just fine. I will replace the hub and get the brakes done as soon as we dry off from the tropical storm.

thanks Josh