Only Starts With Choke Pulled


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Hello I have a 98 EZGO 2 cylinder golf cart I just purchased. Runs great when running but most of the time I have to pull the choke for it to first fire up once it's running it runs great. Sometimes it starts without it but not often. I have adjusted the valves, cleaned the carb and checked hoses they seem good. The manifold gasket is leaking and I ordered new gaskets but wouldn't think that would make this happen. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


There cold blooded for sure, i would check the compression. anything under 140lbs and they'll start hard, if the compression is good i often install a 350cc carb and the problem goes away:twocents::hattip::usa:


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Is he talking about the exhaust manifold gasket leaking ? That would not cause a lean condition on a golf cart engine , at least I never heard of that one