Only Starts With Choke Pulled


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Hello I have a 98 EZGO 2 cylinder golf cart I just purchased. Runs great when running but most of the time I have to pull the choke for it to first fire up once it's running it runs great. Sometimes it starts without it but not often. I have adjusted the valves, cleaned the carb and checked hoses they seem good. The manifold gasket is leaking and I ordered new gaskets but wouldn't think that would make this happen. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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There cold blooded for sure, i would check the compression. anything under 140lbs and they'll start hard, if the compression is good i often install a 350cc carb and the problem goes away:twocents::hattip::usa:


Is he talking about the exhaust manifold gasket leaking ? That would not cause a lean condition on a golf cart engine , at least I never heard of that one

richard harris

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when you cleaned the carb did you check float drop and height? also blow smoke through the passages make sure not plugged, harbour freight sells the ultra sonic cleaners work great on small carbs.