One Battery Terminal Getting Really Hot


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2005 EZ-GO TXT 36-volt Golf Cart.

Bought all new batteries this past Wednesday. Installed and we've ridden it every day since. Then, yesterday the golf cart stops completely. I take the seat off and immediately notice one of the battery terminals (-) is nearly broken completely off and really hot. After checking it, it appears the terminal just got really hot to where the plastic around it began to melt and the terminal just broke. Today, I replaced that battery with a brand new one today. Rode the golf cart for about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile and checked it. This time the + terminal of the same (position wise) battery is really hot. I immediately turned the cart off and disconnected the batteries. I checked and double-checked that none of the connections seem loose or over-tightened. Not sure what else could cause this. My only guess is maybe the cables connecting the batteries. Any ideas on what the issue could be or how to troubleshoot the issue? Any help is greatly appreciated!


If the cable ends are clean and tight on the batteries and the ends are crimped/soldered properly the cables themselves are probably bad. If you're going to replace the battery cables don't use the ones from an auto parts store, you'll wind up having problems with them. All Sports and Golf Cart Tire Supply both sell good cables. I wouldn't use the cart until you replace the cables. Welcome to Cartaholics. :hattip:


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I don't know how a cable like that just goes bad, but I will try that next. Probably the cheapest fix, as well. I can't think of anything else that would cause this either. Thanks for your reply.


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Heat is caused from resistance. You have corrosion at that connection or wicked corrosion inside cable..
Check with multimeter. Anything over. 5 ohms is not good.

+1 change cables.