Older Western Cart.....What's the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?


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There was another place I dealt with it was either Palm Springs or Palm Desert about five years ago I got an 09 for a thousand bucks


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Decided to pass on this older Western cart. Suggestions, comments, and guidance are/were appreciated.

Going to stick with EZ-GO and Club Car.....48 volts 2013 and later models. Also, passing on the need to be DMV licensed.

One local shop that refurbished them has a 2015 EZ-GO RXV for $4K. Owner suggested the RXV model due to the emergency brake feature...said it would be great for those learning to drive carts (like my son).

These are former golf course models....this shop has been in town for 20 years and purchases carts from seasonal courses where carts are not heavily used in summer months. The carts are checked completely and repaired as necessary prior to sale. These are stock carts.

Thoughts on the RXV?


I'm not a big fan of the EZGO RXV golf carts but that's just me. It seems like a lot of problems with the motor brake system on the RXV although not as many on the later models. Does the dealer have any clean EZGO TXT's?


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I was thinking the same thing on the potential for more trouble than it’s worth with the auto brake.
I believe he does have TXTs at about the same price


Is EZGO and Club Car 48 volt 2013+ what I should be considering?

if so, which model numbers?