Older Harley?


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A friend gave me his old Harley 3 wheel gas cart. I know little about them. It has been sitting around for over a year and Well i cannot get it started and was wondering if someone here could help me with the serial number on the cart and what year, etc. it is. The number on the cart is 3B12583J2. I cleaned out the gas tank and lines along with the carb (bad gas) but i cannot get it to turn over unless i jump right to the starter then it turns over very slowly. Is it supposed to turn over slow or fast?. I am looking for a diagram of the wiring or some ideas and thought maybe someone here may be able to help me.

By the way hello to you all My name is Jim and any help would be appreciated.


Hi and welcome. I cant help with the serial number but Im sure you can find the wiring diagram in the resource forum.


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As I replied on your other post:

#3B12583J2 This VIN indicates it was made by Harley Davidson in 1982 (J2) and is a model "D"(3B)


The letter H (made in the '70s) or J (made in the '80s) indicates the cart was manufactured by Harley Davidson.