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I spoke to an awesome Scottish gentleman yesterday at Coast Carts Ventura. I informed him I had a 2001 Club Car DS that was getting old. I asked what would be a good replacement for a cart (club car) that has delivered such loyal service. He asked if the front end on my cart was washed out, and if the steering was mush, (which mine is not) etc etc.
He then mentioned the the DS model was discontinued and the Precedent was their replacement model.
He mentioned the new AC motor that he said lasted longer, and used less battery juice.
But he also mentioned Aluminum construction (old models), and steel construction new model.
I feel aluminum is superior, and has better longevity.
I have adjusted the pawl on my brake system (fun), installed new brake shoes, and have always kept up on my maintenance (thanks to this site). My Lester Charger went south several years ago I have the Eagle Charger and have bypassed my OCD (?).
I was told by a wise gentleman in my youth "" new is new, and best is best, and they are not always the same""
when I was purchasing a 1932 Kohler power Plant, which delivered 10,000 KW while running at 1200 RPM (just above idling).
My question is... should I upgrade to the new Precedent (I love the style and the lights, etc etc.) or should I invest a few dollars to revive my DS ?
I will use my truck as an example...it is 21 years old, but I would not trade it for a new truck (straight across), I believe that mine was better built than the new stuff (no smog (Cali pity me) required, no fuel additive needed, better build (when quality over profits was the mantra).
Please chime in....Thank You


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There's nothing wrong with the older golf carts so if you're happy with your Club Car DS I'd keep it. Welcome to the forum. :hattip:


She is like an old friend, and has made my life sooo much simpler.
I would sell my property if I did not own a cart.

Thank You for the info :thumbsup:


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
Throw the same attitude at the cart as your truck and:hattip: twice the unit for 1/2 the money, nice aftermarket parts out there:twocents:


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
Maybe you can start a thread when you get started on the upgrades, we like pictures:yes::hattip: