Ol' three wheel girl sufferin


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I am working on a 87 3 wheel EZ-GO.
The gentleman who owns it has taken great care of it, BUT, the ol' girl came to a shuddering stop and then would not go again.
After doing some basic diagnostics I noticed that I was getting a shock through the body of the cart, so I eliminated the lights, horn and any thing else that was not on the original batt pack, so now I'm checking the isolated 36 volt pack and begin to unhook batt wires until I lose the voltage bleed ( the story is longer but let me go ahead and get to the point)

turns out the armature was shorted( after removing it from the case I checked continuity and had it everywhere) and of course the motor is no longer available unless anyone here knows where I can find one or at least an armature, used is fine. HELP


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, I just sent them an e-mail, hopefully they can help me out but until I here from them I'm still looking


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OK, Going in a different direction, Alabama was a bust so I want to upgrade the rearend to
one that will accept a newer series motor, one that mounts paralell as oposed to perpendicular, so I won't have to deal with this again.

I want to totaly swap rearends, can anyone forsee any issues and is there a Hollander manual of sorts to let me know which ones are compatable withe eachother?

This old cart has a sway bar on the rearend.


You need a Marathon rear end so 1992 would be the last year. The newer rear ends will work but the spring pads on the axle tubes would need to be moved.


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found a old cart, close to home. The fella I dealt with was a steller person and I bought a old ez-go that had a motor, for a couple hundred bucks.

Took the motor out cleaned it replaced the brushes dressed up the comutator ring a bit and put her in.

Runs like a dream.

This guy also has 2 more stators for the same style motor as well as a slew of peices and parts.
I also bought a welder

He has 2 carts for sale that run great, one is a 3 wheel resister in really good shape and the other is a Columbia(I think) 3 wheeler with the factory truck bed.

OH, also a Melex (stricktly for parts)

Thanks for your help and input

now off to the next project