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So I bought this 98 DC 48volt with junk batteries that had been sitting at the lake for at least 5 years. Threw new batteries in it runs great for three months then it starts to shuttering and slipping only pulling itself at barely cracked throttle any more it just slips. the connections on everything are rusted to the max have tried breaking them loose at motor to change them all out but can not bust them loose the whole shaft wants to turn inside the motor. I read another post and figured the rust is proboly all my probolems


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Spray some penetrating oil on the four motor studs and let it sit a couple hours. Use two wrenches when removing the nuts on the motor. Don't let the studs turn or you will damage the motor.


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HotRod is right but I had the same problem with my motor connections, mine looked like fertilizer had really ate up my studs and nuts. Regular store bought penetrating oil would not budge them. I had to purchase some Kroil, that stuff was great!!! put it on the studs, let soak for a couple of hours and waaLaa!!! Nuts off, motor out and to the motor shop for repair! I had to order this stuff from www.kanolabs.com. Best stuff I have ever seen!!! and price is not bad...


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Sweet thanks for the input. I had also tried wd and every kind I could get ahold of and from time to time just spray them down, with no luck. The motor stud is not double tapped. I was shocked and this soooooo I really need something to bust em loose. The sitting in a fertilizer pile is a good way of putting it.