ok get my new 500 amp controller..got a question


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this thing is awesome..it is huge as well..
it says it is programmable, what can or should i change? or should i just leave it alone?
also does it hook up the same as the 300 amp one??
i was smart enough to take pics of the new/unused/old one installed and working before i decided
to go mack daddy and trade it in for the new 500 a one.
here are some pix
thanks dave








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what do i want to change in the programming? do i need to program it to
work or is it ready to go out of the box? can i get more performance by re programming?


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It's ready to go out of the box and you can program for more or less of what you want. Read your documentation and/or go to the Alltrax site for instructions. https://www.alltraxinc.com/
BTW is that red cable made for audio amplifiers?


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Yep he is good but all it had was install instructions and a fuse diagram do info other than it is programmable, when i went to the site last night it was telling me that the page was not available
so i figured it was down or a bad link..i will check it out again today.

yes it is heavy ga amp wire.


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The mini manual for the AXE is here: AXE Mini Manual
The complete programming manual is here: AXE Complete Manual
The Ezgo/AXE wiring diagram is here: Wiring Diag Ezgo-AXE
The new AXE programming software is here: AXE Programming Software - New

As an aside and not a rush, but when you have a chance, it is advisable to use welding cable not high amperage automotive cable for your cart. Welding cable is not as pretty but has more strands, allows better current flow, is acid resistant, has better insulation and is much better for your application.