Oil Pump verse No oil Pump


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Ok. I have been doing some reading on this and I'm not sure that I am understanding it correctly or not.

Am I correct in from what I read on disconnecting the oil pump on the older 2 stroke carts is all you have to do is disconnect the cable going from the carb down to the pump and disconnect all of the lines coming from the canister to the pump...
I would rather premix my gas instead of putting my trust in the oil pump but I want to make sure that I won't be pumping air into the motor if I don't plug the ends of the pump....
If anyone has any input on this it would be appreciated....


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Should have some good pic's before too long. This cart is coming along really well. Mike has really been working on it. Looks great so far!!


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Not a whole lot as of yet. Or at least not a lot that would be noticable except I sanded the entire cart down to the metal and repainted it. Mainly, I/m just getting it back into shape where it set so long. Hoping to work on the lift kit this weekend. Debating on what rims and tires I want. So if anyone has some spare laying around that they would like to sell let me know.
Looking for at least a 20 and would like a 22.


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SOON SOON, I want to at least get it half way back together. I have got a lot of pics with the steps that I have done. I am recovering the seats this afternoon. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday I will be able to post a few pics.....