Oil out the fuel pump?


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I have a 1990 Club Car that has oil coming out of the fuel pump. I see a hose running form the bottom of the
motor up to the pump and oil is coming out the pump on the ground. It also smokes a lot. Engine as 115 for compression.
Any ideas what could cause this?


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I'm not experienced with these motors but it sounds like the diaphragm
in the fuel pump is torn, I think you should be able to draw a light vacuum
on the hose going in to the fuel pump from the crankcase and it should
hold. That pump uses the +/- pressure in the crankcase to operate and
when the diaphragm tears it lets crankcase pressure blow out through
a vent hole on the pump housing. Hope this helps!!


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Check for too much oil in the crankcase. You should never overfill.

If that is not the problem, then you have too much blowby and the engine will need to be rebuilt.

In these cases, we have changed these tired motors over to electric fuel pumps. It works for awhile