oil in air filter

Guy Desma

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I have a yamaha 1986 G2 gas. the oil fill cap came off and blew oil out the filler tube.I checked the air filter and in was loaded with oil. usually this means a hole in the piston or broken rings.i did a compression test and it was 80 #s but didn't hold the preasure . Could it be something other than a piston problem? this is my first cart and i'm not familuar with them.any help would be appreacated thanks.; Guy


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the gauge holds the pressure not the cylinder, if the valve in the gauge is leakin' down between compression strokes it won't give a true reading
Does it still start and run?

The dip stick (before I got it) on my Kohler genset had lost its seal. Made a mess but it was OK. Not that uncommon on friction closed dipsticks.

Guy Desma

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Yes it runs. Well it did before I took the engine out.Realizing there was no magic valve that would cause this problem and be easy to fix, it had to be piston, or rings.The engine came out easy,however I have never taken this type of engine apart before.I'm used to oil pans.the piston looks good,as does the cylinder wall,so must be rings.Not having A manual I will do the obvious,Take it apart and hope for the best.Are there any booby-traps I should watch for or is it pretty much straight forward?Any special tools?If anyone knows where I could find A down-loadable manual that would be great.Thanks for all your help...