oil filter question


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posted here so i didnt but in on the other green lights,haha

i ghanged my oil filter a few weeks ago and been thinking about it lately..
the new one has one brass screen, only one thin layer,and flows the oil so fast i can here it draining from the top of motor
back down when i shut it off..
the original filter looks like its better made as it has ribs and lots of mesh on the inside as well and
looks like it would actually do a better job filtering..

just wanting opinions as to if you think i should go with the original or stay with the aftermarket?
the aftermarket one sure flows good but wondering if its putting all the oil at the top of the motor
when the rpms are higher,and afraid it could hurt something with no restriction to keep some in the bottom end?
thanks for your opinions,john


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you shouldnt change the filter only if it has been damaged, just clean it well and the oem filter should be ok