Oil capacity in lifted 1994 Yamaha G9


I’m sure this has been talked about before but the search wasn’t working for me.
I lifted my 1994 Yamaha G9 cart At least 6 years ago. I have always just added the 1 quart of 10-30 the manual said. I abused it daily.(lol) Back in June I seized my engine. I was told by some that I need to level my engine after the lift? Or should I have been putting more oil in it to compensate for the angle the engine sits at now? I just don’t want this new rebuilt engine to starve for oil.
Suggestions and help appreciated.


I've always use the same amount of oil on lifted golf cart they call for stock and file a new full mark so it can be checked. Never had a problem.


Thank you. I figured if it was bad I would have cooked my engine years ago.
I change the oil twice a year with conventional oil. I’m thinking this engine I may use mobile one.