Oh Matt... You can look now...


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My Workhorse project is almost done... A gauge or two and shes done.

I used my motor mount and made an adapter plate to bolt this big guy in. I will have the adapter plate out soon.

Oh, I did put the Terra Toys long travel on it. I'll get more pics soon.



I love it thats awesome!
Nice job wanna trade workhorses? I still got bigger tires.
I bet that engine sounds mean. It fits nicely in there. Too bad I blew my money on a new truck I want a big block so much.

Do you have pics of the front end?


Frank Id love to trade but I dont think I could afford the difference. All I got is $1500 and a workhorse.

Your horse looks awesome with that front end by the way.

Frank while youre at it some quick questions. Is this engine anygood? Will it work on your motormount? How much of a performance difference would this be over a stock workhorse engine? Gotta love the price!