Ocean Lakes Golf Cart Show Oct.2008

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Here are some pictures from the golf cart show taken 10/18/08 at Ocean Lakes Campground at Myrtle Beach,SC.This was the first time since the show was started that we had rain.Even though it was cool and rainy the show went on.It cleared off enough that evening for the annual Golf Carts in Parade to take place.Will post the pics of the parade later.











It sure is a bunch on real nice carts. It makes me want to go out and start working on mine. :D
Thanks for the pictures... :thumbsup:


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Pimp Daddy, now that Myrtle Beach appears that they are going to be (at least somewhat) successful getting rid of the bike rallies, perhaps it's time for a Golf Cart Rally! Replace 300,000 bikes with 300,000 golf carts in May! Now, that would really be cool! (I'd tow my bike with the cart!)


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nice pics pimpdaddy..the swamp buggy one really ignites my fire,haha..wonder what type of motor he has in it..did ya get to look at it much?john.

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Yes looked it over a couple of times.It is powered with DC motor,don't know the voltage.It had what looked like a Ford Axles.It was built by Allsports.Have more pics of it posted on another forum. PM and I'll give you the link.



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i,ll have to admit,the little rail buggy sure is cute and could be a lot cute'r..

that might be the next project for me also as ive built a many full size buggys in my days that were awesome,john

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Are you talking about the blue dune buggy cart. If so it is also battery powered.Didn't get a chance to look it over due to the rain.


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yeah, thats the one..nothing fancy but with some nice billet wheels and tires it would look much better.
not that anythings wrond with it the way it is..just add a more personal touch to it i guess,like youve done.

my father has had some vw rail buggys for the sand drags that were 12 grand and way way upwards of that in the past.
it would be a lot cheaper to fancy up the little one for me.it is cute,john


Very cool pictures. This one would look fantastic with some bigger tires and wheels and a custom paint job.


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That one looked like one of the scale "Legend"race cars.It looked like it was split down the center and narrowed to fit what looked like a Club Car frame.I agree it needed larger/wider wheels and tires.