Now my Workhorse is for sale.


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Now it is for sale. I would like an EZGO gasser trade in. Another Workhorse would be nice... This thing screams! asking $7950

I'm thinking instant trophy in the Bonanza Sled pull and more...


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That sure is a Monster! Engine set-up is first class. I'm glad you live in Texas, cause if you lived closer, you would have all my money!


Hey Walkntall what do you think about a trade for my '00 workhorse(new rebuilt 350 and 25" mud lites) and a '01 gas Club Car that is in very nice shape?


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I can view the pics from home. That workhorse is awesome and I liked the video also. Ace if your lucky enough to get this, I would say you would be one happy kid!


Sure thing how much extra are you looking for? You are in Texas right? I am located just outside of Chattanooga, TN. I'm not sure how we can get the carts to one another if we end up trading. The trailer I have is just big enough for one of the carts to fit on if I was to drive down there. If you want to keep the sale local I understand. Or if you are planning a trip to Chattanooga any time soon then forget I said that.


oh man this is what I would trade the hauler for!!!!!!!!

sweet cart hope it sells but you would still need at least 3k cash on top of the hauler for it to be even