Not Running Can't figure Out


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99 Regen CC 48 v Alltrax 300 DCX controller

cart flew - really fast but... fried three motors last summer. Something funky with Alltrax controller

- new batteries Aug. 2008 - #2 wire on all connects - just installed Club Car 14.0 Peak HP, 48 Volt, 13 Mph, (Higher Torque - separately excited) DC Electric Motor, PD PLUS Only and NEW solenoid.

before I started working on it buzzer sounded in reverse.

now nothing.

Ran multimeter test. 51.7 volts from neg on controller to pos. on solenoid. Every connection tested at 51.7

Light on Alltrax will not come on.

Do I need to reset OBC?? If so how??? Other suggestions???